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About Us

Resources Networking Group was started by a group of highly motivated professionals in every industry going out for breakfast. These business owners and employees of major companies throughout New York, thought to use their expansive list of both business and personal contacts to further the advancement of the each others businesses. When the group saw a positive impact on each of their businesses bottom line, Resources Networking Group was born. 

While the original group is still meeting for breakfast, there have been many more seats added to the table.  With double digit members now a part of Resources Networking Group there are over 100 leads shared between members today. 

Through our bi-weekly meetings, and other networking events throughout the year that our members attend, Resources Networking Group continues to gain business relationships that are vital in the long-term sustainability of businesses today.

If you are looking to maximize your business' growth and foster relationships with experienced, motivated professionals in every industry, contact us today to see if Resources Networking Group is right for you.

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